Terms and Conditions
Early Birds Registrations

20 Early Birds ticket sales will be offered. It will be necessary to be among the 20 first registered and pay the 100% fee within 7 days since you receive a mail from Mojo Swing Festival that confirm the availability of the vacancy.

Other registrations

Once you receive the mail that confirm the availability you will have to pay 50€ (or the entire fee if you want to) within 7 days.

The rest of the payment (if you haven ́t done it) must be paid before one month has passed since the registration.

If the 50 Euro or the whole amount is not paid in the agreed dates, you will lose the place and the 50 euro of the preinscription if it was already paid.

Partner policity

We would like to have groups where the number of leaders and followers is as balanced as possible.

We'll do our best the minimum ratio leaders/followers in each group is one extra follower every 6 couples).

In order to keep this ratio we follow the following partner policy:

- Registrations with partner are directly accepted as long as the level is not sold out.
- Registrations without partner are put on hold in a waiting list until the ratio allows to accept them. At that moment a notice is sent by email. Paying the fees does not imply to be accepted.

Cancellation and refunds policy

The Mojo Swing Festival offers the possibility to change/sell your pack with any other person interested in doing so, letting the organization know this fact in advanced. For everyone ́s benefit, we will need that the person with whom you will be changing your pack has your same role (leader or follower) and level. This does not mean any refunds. For cancellation see below.

We do not have a refund policy once confirmed and paid.

Levels and places

Places will be assigned in an accurate registration order, but taking into account that we have the same number of leaders and followers, so we can make the most of the classes.

Once the places are sold out, a waiting list will be created and will follow same criteria before written.

Teachers are able to change levels if necessary.


The organization will not be responsible for any physical injuries during the Festival.

If due to reasons beyond our control, any of the teachers will not be able to assist, the organization commits to do their best to bring other professional of the same level. Refunds will not be done for this reason.

Schedules, places of the activities and programme are subject to changes. And any refund will be done for this reason.

Authorization to transfer image rights

The users and total or partial attendes to Mojo Swing Festival, being of legal age, in full possession of their civil rights, states that during the days of celebration of this festival, may be photographed and / or filmed. These images are intended to portray the events of Mojo Swing Festival, and in any case there is a mercantilist interest of such images. The Organization of Mojo Swing Festival is not responsible for any use that third persons or companies do without permission with those images.

For all these reasons, expressly I AUTHORIZE the use of my personal image resulting from the festival as mentioned, without such authorization is subject to any time period or is restricted to the national level of any country.

And for the record and takes effect, I agree to this authorization under the provisions of the Organic Law 1/1982 of 5 May, Civil Protection the right to honor, to personal and family privacy and Self-Image. The general acceptance of these terms imply permission of this clause on transfer of right image.